Buying Automotive GPS Devices, Once Difficult, Now Easy!

Buying automotive GPS devices used to mean essentially getting a master’s degree in engineering. No longer!For those of us who can’t afford one of the new luxury cars with the impressive GPS navigation system inside, there is hope. You can upgrade your current car with a GPS unit that will help you get where you need to go, and look cool doing it.When looking for the best automotive GPS device, you can save yourself some heartache by doing research. Don’t be intimidated by the different automotive GPS devices with the myriad of features. This article is designed to help you find the right automotive GPS device at the best price.All of the automotive GPS devices are made to get your car from one place to another without getting you lost. After that main function, however, they are often as different as night and day.GPS units come with a feature called Points of Interest (POIs). These are destinations that are popular to a large segment of the population. GPS receivers also have simple screens that feature icons and key pads that allow users to enter their information. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to be able to use an automotive GPS device.What can be tough is examining the many different automotive GPS devices to determine which is the most cost-effective. The automotive GPS device that has the most bells and whistles isn’t necessarily the one that’s right for you.The three most successful automotive GPS device manufacturers are Garmin, Tom Tom, and Magellan. These companies produce top-quality automotive GPS devices that are guaranteed to last a long time.Garmin is at the top of the automotive GPS device heap. That is because Garmin has almost 50% of the total GPS market. You can find Garmin’s least expensive GPS unit, the Nuvi 200, for less than $150. If you want the big daddy, Garmin also has a GPS device that sells for close to $1,000.No. 2 on the automotive GPS device ladder is Tom Tom. Tom Tom’s One Third Edition is priced around Garmin’s Nuvi 200, but it comes with more features.Magellan was the forefather of the automotive GPS device industry. Magellan’s Maestro series gained popularity because units cost between $150-$350. Magellan also has a great partnership with auto club, AAA. Magellan features AAA’s Tour Book in many of its automotive GPS devices. AAA members can access a variety of travel features through this Tour Book feature.Don’t let trying to choose the right automotive GPS device stress you out. By doing some online research and comparing prices from different retailers, you can find the best unit for your car.

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